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The complexity of a graphic production company can be compared to the metro of a big city. Throughout a city there are several main lines. For example, every print media company has many processes to manage the production of an order.
Think for example of calculation, planning, invoicing, forwarding, reporting, ...

The power of connections

For each of these processes you could use a different program. But how are all these packages connected to each other? Manually or automatically? Does this always happen flawlessly and on time?

Do you always lose time entering parameters that were already set in a previous process? When making an offer, can you check whether there will be sufficient print media in stock? Can you reserve your external couriers at the planning stage?
The strength of a subway lies in the speed and ease of switching from one line to another. For print production companies, only MultiPress connects all processes optimally via junctions. Time- and cost-efficient, just like a metro network!

For each process, MultiPress guides your company along the shortest route.

People looking at MultiPress metro map

Your business processes clearly mapped out

The path to a secure future for your graphic production company is also leading towards automation, connectivity, and integration. Only like this, you can continue to guarantee higher efficiency and healthy margins.

But how does that work for your company? Where do you get on, and where do you transfer? How do you connect the right business processes and integrate 3rd party solutions? How does that work for your specific applications? And above all, how do you get started.

Dataline developed the MultiPress metro map: a handy tool that helps you to map your processes and the most efficient route to follow that map.

Download your metro-map


Connect | Automate | Integrate


A clear-cut roadmap with MultiPress

Administrative simplification:

CRM, quotations, calculation, production planning, invoicing, and logistics form one linked chain of information. This drastically reduces the risk of making errors and increases order throughput. From (online) ordering to on-site assembly, the process is streamlined.

Automation of production:

MultiPress not only takes care of production planning, but it also stores files, performs check & repair in pre-flight, imposition - tiling and/or performs production optimizations. And so much more. Thanks to JDF links with workflow and RIP software from, for example, Agfa, Caldera, OneVision or Switch, MultiPress users can automate their production to a high degree.

Extensive quality control: 

the automation of administration and production in one integrated workflow results in a drastic reduction of the error rate and guarantees the quality of production and service down to the last detail.

How do I start this process?

Just as a metro network isn't built in a day, a print media company doesn't have to automate all processes at once.
But how do you choose which connections will give you the most efficiency and profit?

Dataline developed a needs analysis software for the graphic industry that dissects your business processes, calculates and clearly identifies potential benefits.

Thanks to the MAS Audit Software you base your automation decisions and priorities on correct facts and figures!

Wondering how this software works for your company?

All about the MAS Audit software

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