Cartonnages Roland

Specialised in packaging for the food industry

"MultiPress is perfect for our business"

From “old school” to healthy growth with MultiPress

Cartonnages Roland is one of the best-known companies in Belgium for printing and finishing of bakery, pastry and praline boxes. The family-run production company has for many years been an established player and works for a large number of wholesalers in bakery supplies, such as Ranson. The company from Vosselare (Nevele) takes an old-school approach with a number of standard folding shapes, a variety of print materials, and printing according to the customer’s wishes. They handle fixed price agreements (scales), without any reporting or data on production/procurement, but with lots of experience. And always with a high-quality product as the end result. As often happens with real family businesses, the next generation came knocking at the door. This often results in everything being modernised. And that’s exactly what happened at Cartonnages Roland. 

What triggered all of this is the fact that the new generation had some substantial growth ambitions. So it seemed like the right time to thoroughly reassess the current administrative workflow and replace it with a real MIS, taking into account the growth targets and other objectives. Enter MultiPress…

Accounting island

Previously, we always worked with Vero to perform the vital accounting tasks And for a long time that was perfectly adequate, because of the old-school way of working. After all, relatively few changes – and even less integration with the rest of the company – were needed. Now that’s gradually changing. If we have different customers and different jobs coming in, we need an MIS that can cope easily with all sorts of costings and margin calculations. Not to mention the fact that the existing wholesale customers will certainly appreciate the MultiPress combined invoices.

Assured of healthy growth

Of course, to approach the market more actively and attract new customers in a commercially responsible way, we also needed a good CRM. In fact, a transparent CRM – combined with a well-organised MIS – stimulates growth because it allows better follow-up of leads and existing customers. The inevitable result is seamlessly intuitive reporting, enabling us to calculate the profitability of processes and jobs in the future.

Another plus point is that MultiPress is ideally suited to the wide range of specific techniques used in the packaging printing work carried out by our company: printing primarily in Pantone colours, cutting out and finishing. In other words, Cartonnages Roland is well equipped with MultiPress and has laid a solid foundation for healthy growth that will keep us on track to become a modern, professional business!

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