Why you should use this time to pimp your administration, according to Castaar…

Castaar is a young, fast-growing full-service agency. The business was launched in 2016 and has now grown into a fully-fledged company with around 10 employees and even more production machines (digital printing, large format, finishing). Real all-rounders, they handle web, digital, large-format, printing, events and more. With their fresh designs and campaigns, things are going smoothly for them. In short, they’re young people with panache. They serve businesses and organisations in the Brussels Periphery, handling communication and supplying accompanying promotional materials. They also produce impressive work as car wrappers, and even received a FESPA 2020 Award (postponed) for their achievements!

But some healthy growing pains, like those experienced by a strong climber, made them realise that too much time was being spent on administration. And that some grey areas had emerged because of a lack of time recording and post-calculation. The team at Castaar knew what they needed to do: improve their efficiency! And that would only be effective if all their needs could be met by a single system. So, despite the coronavirus crisis, they didn’t want to wait any longer, and decided this was the right time to get everything in order…

Island culture

With such a broad production spectrum, some complex administration had to be carried out behind the scenes, so they originally used Teamleader as their project management software. They supplemented this with a number of administrative “islands” for other applications. These included time recording with Toggle or reporting in Yuki. Unfortunately, the employees noticed that they were using Teamleader less and less, or not using it properly, and simply communicated by e-mail. There was no central agenda or planning. Customised and detailed pre- and post-calculations for production or third-party work were not being performed thoroughly enough. And for an ambitious player like Castaar, that just wasn’t acceptable. Something had to change…

A hefty package of requirements

But of course, the company from Gooik couldn’t transform the situation overnight. They knew that they had a very broad range and a different way of working. Sometimes they worked on purely digital projects, sometimes complete branding projects with signage, car wraps and associated tasks. Fortunately for Castaar, their shopping list read like the MultiPress mission statement. So we were a perfect match. MultiPress meets the needs of companies with a heterogeneous range of products and services. So, for sign and large-format production, as well as for digital printing and offset, Castaar has found the perfect solution with MultiPress.

A selection of features from Castaar’s wish list that MultiPress provides:

  • agenda/planning, including a clear overview of everyone’s agenda and activities
  • CRM including all companies and contacts connected with suppliers, partners and customers
  • quotations, with the ability to sign them online
  • after approval of the quotation, an automatic briefing/work order sent to employees
  • a customer signature on delivery
  • timing of design placement, meetings etc. and preferably with a mobile option
  • statistics and reporting, the ability to see the turnover per quarter or by employee…
  • stock and supplier planning plus associated administrative processing.

Preparing for the post-coronavirus period

But what about the coronavirus crisis, which has paralysed some businesses? Not so for Castaar, who quickly realised that a robust and customised MIS system would bring their organisation to a higher level and help them achieve further growth. Ambition combined with maturity. A guarantee of success for this young company.

Despite the lockdown, Dataline got started immediately to provide the implementation and training. It can all be done remotely: the installation, follow-up and appropriate training. Once the economy gets back on track, these “castaars” will be more than ready!

Company details

Castaar is a young, fast-growing graphics company. Real all-rounders, they handle web, digital, large-format, printing, events and more. They also produce impressive work as car wrappers, and even received a FESPA 2020 Award (postponed) for their achievements! 

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