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Custom-made, but not suitable

Nothing suits us as well as a tailor-made suit, especially in terms of shoulders, waist, jacket and vest, but then there is an indispensable condition: a great tailor. And that's where it often goes wrong. IOC Print - with sites in Paris and Lyon (80 employees) and sales offices allover France in Rouen, Lille, Nancy, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Marseille - can confirm this. When they really wanted to automate the administration, the company initially opted for a custom-made software solution, but unfortunately, the many promises were not kept and the ambitious objectives were not achieved either.

In France, IOC Print is well known in the world of sales promotion. They are part of the IOC Group and have a total of 270 employees. The solution they selected to automate and optimise the backoffice could not be more out of touch with reality. It was their partner company GSI Printing that put them on the path to MultiPress. After many questions, analyses and interviews, they took the step to MultiPress.

MultiPress, business software made to measure, without custom work, with many standard modules! 

A lot of repetition of tasks and data entry, poor workflow of successive steps and documents, and these are just a few of the disadvantages that were accumulating at IOC Print and which, obviously, made administration more cumbersome and wasted a lot of time. The completely do-it-yourself ERP system was really not suitable for a graphics company of this size, nor for its inherent production processes. In addition, the employees did not have any reliable figures, especially for monitoring production and follow-up.

IOC Print wanted to have a user-friendly and simple application for managing production, commercial activities and reporting. A total solution, which allows them to make a multi-site planning and can be coupled with the accounting software. Flexibility was paramount and there had to be enough possibilities to evolve with growing ambitions in a highly fluctuating market: truly the speciality of MultiPress. Its modular structure fits like a tailor-made suit, to small and large companies alike!


MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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