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How to manage the ever-growing vehicle branding business

Success stories like the one of Universal Graphics are always very inspiring. Starting out small in 1997 with a standard printing company in Monaghan, it has grown into the major company it is today: a national leader in the field of vehicle branding (60% of their activity), signage and interior/exterior branding in all its diversity.

Over time, this fast-growing company added additional branches in Dublin and Waterford (currently trading as Design Display). Among their clients you will find household names such as OtterBox, Vodafone, DHL, Guinness, Sky, An Post ... so the group is firmly holding its own, both nationally and internationally. The vehicle wrapping market is booming, for fleets of hundreds of vehicles per order. So, shouldn’t they be thinking about a further roll-out? But is it still feasible to integrate the ever-increasing volumes into the work processes? And how do you continue to manage the three branches quickly and efficiently?

Success on a large scale

The 'wrapping' of cars, buses, trucks and even buildings with adhesive vinyl requires techniques and skills that will always appeal to the imagination of a craftsman. It requires astonishing precision, from design through to production and application, and that is not everyone's cup of tea. At Universal Graphics, they clearly have a perfect grasp of it. They are so good that they are the only company in Ireland certified to the highest levels by 3M, Avery and Arlon products.

Three sites, signage manufacture, and huge fleet volumes of 100 vehicles or more per order. These are impressive figures…

Sizeable customers, proportional expectations

A customer portfolio that includes big names is synonymous with high-quality expectations and short delivery times. In addition, the complexity of the orders is constantly increasing. These are factors that threaten to put the level of productivity under pressure. Every success story has a downside, or at least several challenges. So, when the internal work processes must be analysed, crucial times are at hand.

Fleet volumes as opposed to short turnaround periods

The fleet market goes hand in hand with short turnaround periods. Increasingly shorter, actually ... And that's why Universal Graphics strives for faster and more efficient work processes: from stock management, design, production and logistics, all the way through to installation. In the workplace, this translates to various software applications: Clarity Pro for the administration, the accounting package Sage and Switch for the processing of web orders. In order to speed up the workflow, there is a need for better connectivity between the various systems. Likewise, between the three sites …

1 handy tool, the ideal solution

Universal Graphics did not hesitate for a moment and opted for the MultiPress ERP/MIS solution. Why?

Since the software has been developed specifically for the sign and large format market, it is no coincidence that it meets the requirements perfectly. MultiPress controls and optimises all the successive links: planning, production, warehouse, logistics up to delivery. To top it off: personnel planning, registration of work processes and even division into partial orders. The handy tool brings all data together in one place. And every aspect is perfectly traceable, across the three sites.

To measure is to know

Thanks to the automatic exchange of data, there is faster, more accurate and better management information. The MultiPress report generator provides the desired output at any time, in the blink of an eye, ready to get started at the highest management level. Thanks to MultiPress, the Irish fleet branding market leader can step up yet another gear!

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