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How to effortlessly recoup your investments 

Upscore is a provider of full-service marketing and delivers convenient marketing solutions that help its clients to improve results. The Poeldijk-based company particularly provides more and better leads, a greater response to events, and database enrichment. More and better! In doing so, they rely on four pillars: brand portals, response campaigns, print media, and ... MultiPress. The latter pillar ensures that you will save precious time. Just a few clicks are sufficient ...

3 + 1 pillars

Upscore specialises in online tools for monitoring brand identity and improving the response and conversion of marketing campaigns. Its brand portal ensures excellent storage, management, and distribution of corporate identity files and marketing materials. This saves a lot of time and gives full control over brand identity.

Marketing campaigns with multiple offline and online contact opportunities ensure a higher response. Getting the message to the right target group at the right time is the core idea of cross-media response campaigns.

Finally, there’s also print, a strong element in the communication mix. In response campaigns, print acts as the means to lead a target group to a web page and ensures recognition when it is followed up by an e-mail with a link. Small print runs, personalised printing, processing or adding a digital layer all ensure a broader application of print media.

So, there are three pillars. To be able to perform these processes in the best possible way for every client, Upscore added a fourth (administrative) pillar: MultiPress!

“When you invest in marketing, you should at least recoup your investment ...”

They pursue this company motto with every order. However, it applies to their administrative processes as well because they recouped their investment in MultiPress in no time at all. They noticed substantial time savings when preparing quotations, order forms, and invoices after just a few days. Every form rolls out of the printer with just a few mouse clicks. Moreover, the error margins in calculating various job orders went down to zero. No more searching for customer data, price agreements, product storage, etc.

A successful investment that they recouped in no time!





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