Internal and external logistics with MultiPress

Logistics is the timely supply, storage and delivery of materials, parts and finished products – and that’s not even all. A basic distinction can be made between internal and external flows. Mapping out your logistics and associated processes is an important part of achieving ISO 9001 certification. A separate logistics module within your MultiPress solution can help. How precisely? An overview of the various logistics modules available for MultiPress:

Internal logistics

  • Recording material specifications (format, grammage, pricing, supplier, etc.).
  • Material ordering, linked to online catalogues of major suppliers (e.g. Vink, Igepa, Antalis, Velpa)
  • Managing incoming materials in the warehouse with the option to print pallet/content labels
  • Locating items and tracking movements within the warehouse (e.g. via barcodes)
  • Tracking material usage based on batch numbers (which batch has been used in which job?)
  • Visibility into material consumption
  • Creating stocks of finished products for customers ordering on demand (also via a web portal)
  • Mapping purchasing invoices against materials ordered and received

External logistics

  • Shipment planning based on a clear overview of upcoming deliveries, both to end customers and external partners
  • Generating shipping documents such as delivery notes and labels
  • Linked to transport platforms (Transsmart, Sendcloud, Unifaun, Bumbal)
  • E-mail notifications to customers, including full-blown delivery track & trace
  • Checking carrier invoices

MultiPress Shipping Module

A print job is only complete once it has been delivered to the customer according to specifications and on time. Up-to-the-minute information on the status and location of your deliveries is key. The MultiPress Shipping Module gives you end-to-end visibility, letting you know exactly what will be delivered when and where. It also helps you plan your shipments in the best possible way.

For your logistics to be efficient, you need a clear, immediate view of all your job data. Interim shipments to and from external partners (e.g. for binding) and the rapid dispatch of ready-made stocks on demand must be juggled with your daily flow of final deliveries (partially or complete) to your clients.

The MultiPress shipment planner gives you the instant insights that you need while making further details easily accessible. Get flexibility and control over the logistics of all your orders.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Real-time visibility. You will always know the status and location of each and every job.
  • Speed and efficiency. All the job data needed for your shipments are available at a glance.
  • Customer satisfaction. Orders are delivered according to specifications and on schedule. As agreed, every time.

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