MultiPress makes it possible to collect all conceivable combinations of information in a report. You determine the layout of the reports yourself. These reports can also be generated automatically at set times and sent to the persons designated by you.

All the crucial information for your company is collected by MultiPress and brought together on conveniently arranged screens and in reports. With simple selections, you can make the information even more transparent. In the organisational compass, you can see at a glance the added value, sales result, order result, forecast and turnover. Current overviews of production speeds, sales forecasts, turnover and results, automatic administration of certificates, machine-hourly costing, stock control, post-calculation and much more are all immediately available.

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  • Save time: Reports, overviews and dashboards take the administrative work out of your hands. All the information is collected in MultiPress and can be called up effortlessly.
  • Process control: thanks to MultiPress Business Intelligence Reporting, you have a permanent, up-to-date overview of all the information that makes successful business management possible.
  • Ease of use: with the report generator and the Dashboard, you receive messages on the basis of both "pull" and "push"

Features of BI Reporting

Organisation Compass

Keep all crucial company figures at hand

Read More >> Organisation Compass
Overnight Procedures

Keep an up-to-date overview of your business

Read More >> Overnight Procedures
Report generator 2.0

Generate reports automatically

Read More >> Report generator 2.0
Production Speeds

Gain insight into your production speeds

Read More >> Production Speeds
Sales forecasts

Keep your business on track with good sales forecasting

Read More >> Sales forecasts
Turnover and results

Gain insight into your turnover and results

Read More >> Turnover and results
Managing Substrate Certification

Manage your Certification administration

Read More >> Managing Substrate Certification
Post calculations

Monitor your post-calculations in MultiPress

Read More >> Post calculations
Machine-hourly costing

Calculate the machine hourly cost

Read More >> Machine-hourly costing
Management Post-Calculations

Manage your post-calculations in MultiPress

Read More >> Management Post-Calculations
Management Productive & Non-productive hours

Monitor your print productivity

Read More >> Management Productive & Non-productive hours
Stock Management

Manage your stock in MultiPress

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External reporting tools

Integrate external reporting tools into MultiPress

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Gain insight into your business with the MultiPress Dashboard

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Commercial fee reporting

Manage your commission amounts in an orderly manner

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