Thanks to the MultiPress dashboard it is possible for key personnel to access accurate and detailed business information from anywhere in the company, via any device. The MultiPress dashboard will not only help you keep an eye on your business processes but you will also receive alerts if things go differently than expected.

The dashboard functionality of MultiPress guarantees process control. The up-to-date and relevant information is permanently available on your screen. It is possible to make use of one of the many dashboard items already set up, or compile one yourself. Information can be displayed as a chart, graph or list. Setting up a dashboard item is as easy as compiling a report in MultiPress.

Dashboards in MultiPress are an excellent and necessary tool for all managers. If any part of the process in your business model requires action, a warning will appear on the screen. Additional and detailed information can then be requested and accessed quickly and easily. For example, the dashboard can provide insight into current failure costs and warn if they increase.

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  • User/function-specific information: The dashboard can be configured per user or per function. This ensures that only relevant information is displayed, which enhances clarity.
  • User-friendly: Dashboard items are easy to compose yourself. Also, previously set reports appear after selection on the dashboard.
  • Clear representation: Dashboard displays all data graphically. You can choose between graphs, maps and lists.
  • Available for any screen: the browser view of the dashboard is available via the screen of your smartphone, tablet PC or desktop computer
  • To data with one click: when you use dashboards from MultiPress you have direct access to all underlying data of the clicked item
  • Process monitoring thanks to push notifications: the MultiPress dashboard permanently displays the desired information and sends an alert if a process is not proceeding as expected