The post-calculation overview is an extremely important tool for closely monitoring the company's costs and profitability. With MultiPress Management Post-Calculations, you have several overviews based on specific orders, clients and other selection criteria. In depth business insight is guaranteed, as MultiPress has made the complete post-calculation process as easy and convenient as possible.

With MultiPress Management Post-Calculations, you can see all subsequent calculation data for delivered orders. The data is presented in a total overview, but you can also apply filters if you wish. For example, you can make a selection based on operations, which will give you an overview of all the hours recorded in the post-calculations. It is also possible to filter by materials, work orders, customers, orders and departments.

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  • Permanent control: the data of all delivered and closed orders is always at hand, without any administrative work
  • Detailed overview: extensive selection options allow you to create overviews at any level