It is crucial to monitor productivity and efficiency. Distinguishing between productive and non-productive hours is often complex. MultiPress brings together all the important and relevant data and provides insight into the productivity of your employees. In addition, you can filter information on a variety of other criteria.

The MultiPress Productive & Non-Productive Hours module gives transparency to your productivity with just one mouse click. In addition to a periodic total overview, you can also call up a forecast of productive and unproductive hours, and an overview in which the data highlighting the unproductive hours is split up. In the overall view, you can select by employee, department, operation and customer. There you can also see the comparison between productive and unproductive hours and the corresponding amounts.

This overview makes the expected productivity and capacity clear, and also shows where improvements can be made.

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  • Clear insight: at a glance, you can see the productive and unproductive hours next to each other
  • Predictability: the forecasts of productive and unproductive hours provide insight into the long-term productivity of the company and show opportunities for improvement
  • User-friendly: the variables in the overview of productive and unproductive hours are predefined and easy to call up
  • Flexibility: Selections of hours are possible per period, employee, department, operation and customer. This allows you to effortlessly obtain information at a detailed level.