Most orders nowadays require the use of certified substrates. In particular, the FSC paper certificate is the rule rather than the exception. You need to keep records and manage all certification which can take up a lot of time. You can save that time with MultiPress, which helps you to effortlessly obtain and maintain your certificates.

In MultiPress you indicate per order and per type of paper which certificate is required with the number and the claim that goes with it (for example FSC Mixed Sources). In addition to FSC, you can also enter different kinds of certification. You can see all certified orders and types of paper in a row for a period of your choice, with a distinction between purchases and sales.

In MultiPress, you have all the relevant details of the substrate at hand, including the number, format and weight. This way, you can easily generate an overview per period of the weight of the paper, both purchased and delivered.

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  • Time-saving: MultiPress maintains the administration of certificates for you per order
  • Ease of use: You obtain and retain your certificates effortlessly. In the event of an audit, the report can be compiled and delivered quickly and easily.
  • Clear: in the overview screen, you can easily select all relevant information concerning certification