When you want to know how your business is doing and see where you can cut costs. When you don't want to have to compile time-consuming reports, but quickly have the most important and relevant information to hand - the MultiPress Organisational Compass will give you all the crucial figures you need to see for the company's ongoing development.

In a graph of your choice, the Organisational Compass can immediately show you the effect on your hourly rate of lower labour costs or the investment in a new machine. At a glance, you will know the added value, sales result, order result, forecast and achieved turnover. The figures are based on the selection you make, with a choice of orders, customer, customer group, product, salesperson, internal supervisor, department and operating company. MultiPress calculates both the theoretical and the realistic added value and margin.

MultiPress links these calculations to the sales forecasts and makes simulations of future investments or reorganisations. You can also export the data to a convenient Excel document.

The MultiPress Organisational Compass collects all important information about invoicing, stock and post-calculation in one screen. With that knowledge, you can quickly take powerful management decisions.

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  • Speed: the organisational compass clearly presents all important figures of your company in one screen
  • Cost savings: You gain insight into the course of your business. The results of cost savings and investments provide clarity for powerful management decisions
  • Time-saving: No configuration of report data is required. All data is exported to a clear Excel document.