Having insight into production speeds is a great advantage in business and planning. You need to monitor productivity per machine and per employee in order to properly assess performance.

MultiPress displays the production speed of each printing press and finishing process in a clear overview. You can make a selection per machine, per employee, per client or a combination of these. This also allows you to make comparisons between machines, employees and clients. It is also possible to call up the speeds during a specific period.

With your selection, MultiPress automatically retrieves the necessary data from the database. You will then get an overview of the speed of each printing press showing the total number of prints plus the number of prints per hour, the setup times, the number of plates and the number of plates per hour. The finishing item shows on the screen the total finishing speed, the total number of copies and the number of copies per hour. With the overview of the average printing and setup times, MultiPress provides detailed insight into the performance of your production environment at a glance.

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  • Clear overview: average production speeds and set-up times all in one screen
  • Control: the MultiPress Production Speeds capability provides deeper insight into speeds per machine, employee and client
  • Efficient: the overview of production speeds makes it possible to make adjustments in good time and to make operations more predictable