In today's business world, clear sales forecasts are the starting point for strategic planning. Thanks to MultiPress Sales Forecasting, drawing up these forecasts is no longer a time-consuming task with often inaccurate results. Sales forecasting makes your business operations more predictable and allows you to respond to current developments. You simply make a prognosis for one or more customers based on their turnover in recent years. This enables the sales department to make an estimate of the possible revenue.

Good sales forecasts keep your business on track. With MultiPress, they can be compiled at several levels. You can indicate the expectations per quarter and per client. You can immediately compare this with the current turnover. In addition to the expected turnover, you can also enter the possible turnover to be achieved. Once the forecast is met, you know exactly how much additional revenue is possible for the set period.

Forecasts can also be reused for subsequent periods. With MultiPress, you can copy the forecast data and apply it to the next period(s). In doing so, you can easily adjust percentages. This way, you can quickly analyse the turnover figures and closely follow the evolution of the customer's business.

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  • Time savings and efficiency: Direct view of gross margins and added value for a given period. The implementation of forecasts for subsequent periods, including any adjustments, enables efficient management.
  • Clarity and ease of use: Setting targets per customer, per quarter and monitoring the evolution. One mouse click gives you the commercial status of today
  • Service and result-oriented: Better follow-up of your customers, and objectives are more realistically pursued
  • Predictable management: Forecasts are established per quarter and per relation. Overviews of forecasts at every level are quickly and easily available.
  • Improved match: through visibility, central management, relevant adjustments and forecasts provide a better match between planning and order inflow
  • Flexibility: forecasts are easily adjusted by a percentage