MultiPress Mobile App

MultiPress Mobile App

Want to stay informed about what is going on in your company wherever you are? The MultiPress Mobile App for your iPhone or iPad can help you.

The future is mobile and MultiPress contains all necessary information and customer data. The combination therefore speaks for itself. The MultiPress app makes it easy to consult the customer database and visitor reports as well as retrieve essential information from the sales information system (SIS). The customer visit is followed by the visit report, which is forwarded directly by means of the MultiPress app. All calculations, jobs, turnover figures and complaints can be searched quickly for every customer on practically any mobile device. In addition, all jobs in production, accompanying status, possible subjobs and delivery dates can be consulted immediately and anywhere. Do you need important management information? No problem! The number of new price offers, orders and invoiced orders is immediately available, literally at your fingertips. The MultiPress Mobile App makes all this and much more possible!



  • You can consult your customer data anytime and anywhere. Literally.
  • Direct input of visit reports enhances the quality of customer data
  • Real-time status of jobs in production
  • Direct link to your phone and email application 
  • Communicate expertly, wherever you are


  • Clear overview of all information and history of the customer depending on the installed management modules
  • Sales insights and visit reports
  • Automatic reporting on backups, import of paper catalogues, etc. 
  • Order production status follow-up 
  • Overview of the orders received, the calculations performed and the daily and weekly turnover

Interested in the unique versatility of MultiPress MIS/ERP?

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