With the MultiPress 2 MultiPress module, we combine your strengths with those of other MultiPress companies. After all, offering all graphic production processes is not feasible or desirable for most companies. That's why companies work together, each from their own specialty. Finishing companies receive orders from offset companies, large format companies give orders to offset companies, etc.

Working together pays off, but there is also a danger: if you work together inefficiently, you create a mountain of administration. Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions are often postponed because of the many organisational and practical rearrangements. The MultiPress 2 MultiPress module is unique because several MultiPress companies can exchange calculations, work sheets and orders with each other digitally - without losing their individuality. Your strengths are combined with those of other printing companies. In this way, you provide more driving force on the MultiPress tandem. The result? You achieve higher speeds, with less effort!

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  • Profitable partnerships: MultiPress 2 MultiPress links MultiPress systems from multiple companies, so that orders are handled as if by one company
  • Time saving: orders are created in two systems at the same time without any additional actions
  • Efficient: thanks to the linking of multiple MultiPress systems, you can make calculations using the machines of cooperating parties