Engaging specialized suppliers is a smart and practical way to offer your (potential) clients a broader product portfolio and service package without having to bring all the necessary machinery and expertise in-house. MultiPress makes this way of working extremely simple and efficient through a direct link with suppliers such as Probo.

Thanks to the direct link with the Probo platform, you always have access to Probo's current range, descriptions and corresponding prices within your MultiPress environment. This eliminates the need to look up the information externally, make calculations and copy the data manually - with all the risk of mistakes. The quotation calculation made in MultiPress is recorded and, after approval from your customer, can be used directly by Probo to pass on the production order.

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  • Ease of use prevents errors: Within the MultiPress environment, you have access to all the latest information and prices from the Probo portal. This prevents errors in manually copying data.
  • Time saving: all the information is available in MultiPress thanks to the API connection for making a quick and appropriate quotation
  • Competitive purchasing: MultiPress provides a complete overview of the Probo range so that you can easily compare prices and different qualities