MultiPress' modular approach to Print e-Business and Print e-Commerce allows you to effortlessly connect your workflow to third-party Web-to-Print applications.

Do you offer your services regularly through third-party Web-to-Print applications, but processing these orders in your MIS is taking up more and more of your time? Thanks to integrations with existing third-party Web-to-Print solutions, you can take full advantage of the capabilities offered by these external applications. At the same time, you will still benefit from the perfectly tuned MultiPress system. This ensures a high degree of automation throughout the entire e-commerce workflow.

Based on extensive testing, it is already known exactly how the integration of MultiPress will work with the third-party systems. You will therefore immediately save time and money.

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  • Utilize all possibilities: by creating an integration with existing Web-to-Print solutions, you make the most of their capabilities
  • Workflow optimization: the modular structure of MultiPress allows for seamless integration with third-party systems

Features of MultiPress Third Party Web-to-Print Solution Integrations

MultiPress Agfa StoreFront Web-to-Print Integration

Connect MultiPress to Agfa StoreFront

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MultiPress Prindustry Integration

Connect MultiPress to Prindustry

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MultiPress XMPie Integration

Connect MultiPress to XMPie

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MultiPress Magento Integration

Connect MultiPress to Magento

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MultiPress Aleyant Pressero Integration

Connect MultiPress to Aleyant Pressero

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MultiPress Prestashop Integration

Connect MultiPress to Prestashop

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MultiPress WooCommerce Integration

Connect MultiPress to WooCommerce

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MultiPress Heidelberg Page Flex Integration

Connect MultiPress to Heidelberg Page Flex

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MultiPress ISI-Web-to-Print Integration

Connect MultiPress to ISI-Web-to-Print

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