You can offer a variety of ready-made products via the MultiPress Webshop. Individuals and companies shop online and after ordering, the orders are placed directly in MultiPress. In the MultiPress database, you can create one or more webshop versions with an unlimited number of sections divided into several products. The webshop is fully integrated into MultiPress and its management does not require any web design knowledge.

The webshop module of MultiPress is seamlessly integrated with your MultiPress system. Based on product information in your database, you can create one or more specific B2B webshops for various categories. Because the appearance of the webshop(s) can also be easily adapted to the expectations of the target group, you can respond very effectively to new trends and the wishes of various new and existing client categories. The products, print runs and order frequency will be different in the business market than in the consumer market - but the efficient handling of all orders requires the integral workflow automation that only MultiPress can offer you.

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  • Extra reach: specific B2C web shops make it possible to approach different customer categories in a targeted manner
  • Extra service: webshops make it easy for consumers to place orders efficiently and in an accessible manner 
  • Fewer actions: Print orders are placed, confirmed and paid for by the customer himself. The quotations are generated online and the print orders automatically enter the production workflow.