Sending an electronic invoice is now a standard procedure but sending electronic invoices via a Procurement Access Point (AP) goes a step further. MultiPress ensures that customers can process your digital invoices directly in their financial systems.

MultiPress creates invoices at speed. All the necessary data is immediately collected and made transparent. You can view the post-calculation and also add extra lines of text or adjust data on the invoice. Generating a partial invoice or combining multiple orders into a collective invoice is also a breeze.

Increasingly, customers are asking for electronic invoicing through a Procurement Access Point (AP). With MultiPress, you are able to deliver the information of your invoice in the agreed manner to the digital procurement environment of your customer, so that the data can be processed in his system easily, quickly and without errors.

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  • Error-free processing: the correct delivery of the digital invoice information to a digital procurement environment (AP) ensures fast and error-free processing of your invoices by your customer
  • Fast and efficient: by fully automating the sending of digital invoices, you save a lot of time and speed up the payment of your invoices