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Dashboarding & Overnight Procedures

Dashboarding & Overnight Procedures

The MultiPress Dashboard module serves like a compass pointing out the extremes in our administrative and production process. Each employee wants to be able to switch in a targeted manner and preferably based on real-time information. The web-based dashboards, visualised in an extremely graphic interface, support the user with information that adds value to the function profile. A number of these dashboards are of course standard, but we can also develop tailor-made dashboards at the customer’s request.

ONP (Overnight Procedures):

The report generator has been the icing on the MIS cake for many years now.

Whether dealing with commercial or production statistics, the reports can be created by the user and subsequently exported to several sources.

The ONP module offers the possibility to draw up underlying overnight reports and subsequently send them to the different mailboxes of the users according to a definable plan. Receiving reports proactively has the advantage that no prior manual action is required and the user receives their performance reports spontaneously. 


  • Proactive dashboarding
  • Access to all essential information
  • Via smartphone and mailbox
  • Create once, use many


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