Report generator 2.0

“The numbers tell the tale” – this dictum applies to any healthy production company. The MultiPress report generator lets you control an infinite range of management information. Just the insights you need, when you need them, provided intelligently. Smart reports let you manage your company even better, keeping track of turnover.

Standardise and automate countless ‘special’ reports while distinguishing between the user generating the report and the end user.  An indispensable tool for your daily business operations.

Generating reports

The report generator has a separate interface for users generating reports. Here you create basic queries, define sorting orders and set up visualisations. The new ‘formula’ feature makes queries even more intelligent, letting you easily compare variable fields. 

Super Report

Reports are now created in Super Report, the tool of choice for all reports. Legacy reports can be seamlessly migrated to this environment. Scripting provides even more options for advanced users.

From MultiPress version 5.1 

The report generator has been completely redesigned from MultiPress version 5.1 onwards. Training for existing users is available.

What's new in MultiPress?