Material Management

Consistent control of stocks, material reservations and pallet movements increases efficiency and saves time

For companies with a diverse stock, the MultiPress warehouse and stock management module is truly indispensable. With this module, all pallets are provided with their own place with production time, production person, barcode readers, ...   With MultiPress, things not only run much more smoothly, but there is also automatic traceability. Employees have 24/7 insight into the available raw materials and generate a 100% correct picking list at the push of a button. An extra advantage is that raw material reservations can also be placed immediately from an order, making stock shortages a thing of the past. In short, nothing but benefits with a minimum of effort.

For companies with a diverse inventory, the MultiPress warehouse and inventory management module is truly indispensable

Features of Material Management in

Warehouse and stock management

Many companies still manage their stock manually in MS Excel spreadsheets.

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