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Supply, paper & FSC

Supply, paper & FSC

FSC labelled printing businesses fulfil their ecological obligations thanks to MultiPress

A paper delivery ends up in a place where it should not be.. a situation many printing businesses are confronted with from time to time. Thanks to the MultiPress supply and warehouse module this has become a thing of the past. FSC labelled printing businesses can now very easily fulfil their ecological obligations regarding management and distinction between FSC and non-FSC paper thanks to MultiPress. This way they are able to call up a stock list of certified and non-certified paper types at any moment.

The paper industry is evolving and being simplified; the environment and consolidation are the greatest challenges. Printing businesses could save a great deal of time as far as automation is concerned, if they would organise the search for and placement of paper orders entirely within their order administration package. MultiPress is a pioneer in this field, especially with regard to personalised paper files.

These files can be obtained through the website or by e-mail from the paper wholesaler (Antalis, Epacar, Papyrus, Igepa and the main foreign wholesalers). Starting from your calculation and/or order, you consult the paper types directly and, depending on the amount required, you enter the right price in MultiPress. In case of Antalis and Epacar the order procedure also takes place entirely digitally and the supplier immediately sends a confirmation.

The new management reporting provides quick calculation of the incoming and outgoing paper. The onlineconnection between MultiPress and all paper suppliers from the Benelux ensures that you always calculate with the most recent prices.

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