Order management

Warehouse and stock management

Warehouse and stock management

Many companies still manage their stock manually in MS Excel spreadsheets. Each pallet is entered manually and each mutation implies an extra action in Excel. You easily have many hundreds of pallets, in which case the MultiPress warehouse and stock management module is indispensable.  With this module, all pallets receive a unique location with production time, production officer, barcode readers, etc.  Each shelf in the warehouse is visualised in 3D and you immediately have an overview of the location of different pallets of the same type. Thanks to MultiPress, everything runs more smoothly and you have automatic traceability as required by many official bodies. The employees have an overview of the available raw materials 24/7 and can generate a 100% accurate picking list with just one push of the button. An extra advantage is that raw materials can immediately be reserved when an order is placed, so stock shortages are a thing of the past. In short, nothing but advantages, with minimum effort.

Your advantages:

  • Reserve raw materials when an order is placed
  • Prepare reservation files automatically
  • Deduct numbers automatically
  • Move pallets very easily
  • Keep a clear overview of stock location
  • Organise locations by means of a barcode system
  • Allow customers to place advance orders
  • Enable automatic conversion in picking lists


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