Expedition planning

75% less transport costs thanks to transparent planning

“A delivery in Maastricht? But we have just returned from Maastricht!”  For many companies the daily deliveries and pickups of goods constitute a big challenge. Not to mention the orders that have to be delivered at several addresses.

This quickly evolving MultiPress module provides a clear overview of all dispatch lines. Not just end deliveries to clients, but deliveries to suppliers and the connected pickups as well. As the shipping date sometimes differs from the delivery date, MultiPress can link this to the delivery address. The transport officer can subsequently enter the delivery lines in a list, arrange them per shipping method and export them so that the courier software can use them for further dispatch. When the delivery has been receipted, the delivery line disappears from the dispatch planning so that you can turn over a new leaf at the end of the day. Indispensable, easy, cost-cutting, efficient... tick where appropriate.

This module includes:

  • The delivery lines are automatically ticked off after delivery
  • Order managers immediately have all the necessary information
  • Generate time gains and optimise costs