The stats are clear. For 90% of all orders, a quotation is calculated beforehand. It goes without saying that the MultiPress Finish calculation module needs to be powerful, simple and fast. And faster than MultiPress is impossible. Cutting, folding and packaging are the basic components in MultiPress, but there is also an extensive finish module for the more specialist companies.

This module includes all functionalities for fast and accurate stitching, sewing, saddle stitching, Wire-O binding and all other activities that require a combined calculation of machines, operations, numbers and lead times. Describe the order supplied, simply tick off the required operations and let Multi-Press take care of the rest. The print volume (e.g. of a brochure or personalisation) is an important factor when calculating the finishing steps. The "volume module" makes it possible to determine the composition automatically based on the printing sheet calculation.

This module includes:

  • Calculation of stitching, sewing, saddle stitching and Wire-O binding
  • Calculation based on the description of the printed matter and the selected operations
  • Taking into account the volume of the print jobs
  • The volume module is able to calculate the finishing operations fully automatically
  • Working with standard calculations
  • Printing, mailing or forwarding the quotation with a single click

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