Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Shouldn’t salespeople focus mainly on sales? This handy tool allows them to do exactly that. A few smart settings make sure quotations are automatically followed up, streamlining administration. Salespeople get more time for what they do best – sell. And time is money, after all.

You can automatically follow up quotations generated by the system, based on the calculation status.

MultiPress links calculation status information to specific e-mail templates. When a quote enters a predefined status, an e-mail is automatically sent to the person who requested it. The same e-mail can also be sent to your sales rep. 

Daily reports based on call-back dates and quotation amounts let you efficiently manage your sales operations. Use the calculations overview to quickly assign statuses to quotations, triggering automatic reminders for customers. If you use the web module, you can even include links for converting quotes to orders – with just one click.


  • A simple tool to automatically follow up quotations in the early stage.
  • Peace of mind: all quotations are followed up.
  • Less follow-up by phone, saving you time.
  • Recipients of e-mail reminders defined by you.
  • Using the web module: easy conversion of quotes to orders.

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