A good planning board should give a clear overview at any time. With the MultiPress Graphic Plan Board you can see at a glance how your production planning is going plus you always have direct access to all underlying order information. This means you can immediately intervene and make adjustments where and when necessary. This advantage guarantees optimal utilisation of your production capacity and timely delivery of each order.

The MultiPress Graphic Plan Board provides a visual representation of the complete order flow during each phase of the production process. In addition to an overview of the complete order schedule, all information about each individual order, each machine and each production employee can be called up on the screen. The status of an order and the individual process steps taken is directly visible via colour coding. In this way, all those involved - from the order manager to the planning department as well as the production staff - can immediately see whether an order is still in the prepress phase or already in the print shop. But also, for example, whether the files have been received, the proof has been approved, and the paper order has been delivered. Every piece of relevant information is available centrally and up-to-date.

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  • Overview and background: your production planning can be viewed at a glance and all underlying order information is available at the click of a mouse
  • Control and flexibility: the status and progress of each order is visible at all times, allowing adjustments to be made in a timely manner
  • Production efficiency: with a clear and flexible planning board, your staff get the most out of the available production capacity, while the number of costly overtime hours is reduced
  • On time and on schedule: MultiPress fully adjusts the flow of each order to align to the processes and capacity within your company, so that production and delivery take place according to plan