The exchange of data with your regular business contacts should run as smoothly as possible. MultiPress has been designed to enable links with other software on the basis of APIs (Application Programming Interface). Even within your own company, you can use APIs to link systems that do not support the graphic exchange standard JDF.

APIs are a popular way to have digital systems communicate with each other, and offer unlimited possibilities to offer new services. Digital connection with systems of customers and suppliers ensures more customer loyalty, better service, more efficient purchasing and stock management, and a higher degree of automation.

With the secure API integration of MultiPress, you can effortlessly arrange digital contact with ordering and transport systems, web interfaces and workflow systems. An API offers the right set of definitions to make these links. The links can be expanded and adapted. This provides an excellent basis for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

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  • Service and new services: thanks to API integration, you can offer new services in numerous ways
  • Improved customer loyalty: direct links to your customers' systems
  • Linking efficiency: you can link to digital production systems, even if they do not support the JDF standard
  • Automation and time-saving: API links automated operations such as ordering, transporting and controlling machines