Many pallets pass through your company every week. You want to keep an overview and strive for optimal routing. After all, efficient management of pallet movements optimises production and saves an enormous amount of time.

The unique and advanced MultiPress Pallet Control Software accurately registers the placement and movement of pallets in your company. In a central display, the results are clearly shown in graphs. With simulations of routings you can also test whether you can further improve the processes with adjustments and thus achieve further cost reductions. MultiPress displays the different scenarios next to each other, allowing you to compare the routings very easily. This clear visualisation provides a clear impetus for action, where necessary.

MultiPress provides insight into which movements and placement of pallets are the most profitable in your situation. This way, you will always make well-considered choices.

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  • Clarity and overview: permanent overview of pallet movements in your organisation
  • Visual display: pallet movements and positions are displayed visually, allowing you to see immediately when action is required
  • Efficient and cost-effective: pallet movement and placement simulations help you optimise processes and save costs
  • Balanced choices: MultiPress offers the option of comparing multiple scenarios