Automatic, real-time data transmission from production to the management information system is possible thanks to MultiPress JMF integration. All connected machines are continuously registered and monitored, without any additional action from the operator.

With support for the JMF (Job Messaging Format) standard, MultiPress automatically receives and processes data from production. Quantities, speeds, times and other production-related information are automatically recorded. Depending on the settings, the registration distinguishes between good and rejected quantities, or between total production quantities and quantities for semi-finished products.

JMF is part of the JDF standard that covers all data storage in production. The JMF integration of MultiPress helps your company move towards a production environment that meets the standards of Industry 4.0. The real-time transmission and feedback of data to and from connected machines enables fully automated control and data processing.

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  • Accurate production data: real-time recording of production data for post-calculation and multiple purposes
  • Automatic data transmission: no operator action is required to transmit data
  • Insight and control: direct and permanent insight into the production status
  • Full automation: feedback via JMF brings immediate and full automation of the production process