A modern company needs to know the status of all orders and the current production capacity at all times. With MultiPress, you can accurately record all status updates and production data - at any location in the company, without handwritten work sheets. This central data entry and storage prevents errors and unnecessary administrative work, and therefore saves time and money.

The MultiPress shop floor registration system can be accessed via the (any) browser and its own web server, and can therefore be operated on any screen in the company. Based on the planning, the web-based registration of MultiPress automatically creates an order list, which is sent to the production person fully automatically. The integrated time registration system credits production hours directly to specific orders, quotations, projects or customers. For cost and wage administration, the employee time registration records the times of arrival, departure and breaks.

In this way, MultiPress gives you control in no time over your entire production.

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  • Accurate post-calculation: simple start-stop function transmits data for accurate re-calculation
  • Time savings and accuracy: manual filling in of worksheets is no longer necessary, so no production time is lost. It also minimises the risk of errors or mistakes
  • Web-based order list: production staff receive a web-based order list directly from the planning system
  • Automatic debit: reserved materials are debited according to actual usage
  • Barcodes and labels: delivery notes and labels are generated and printed with a single mouse click
  • Always up-to-date status: live on-screen display of the current status of each order, collection centre and employee
  • Overview and control: convenient and comprehensive overviews for production controllers
  • Real-time stock management: up-to-date insight into the stock without additional actions
  • Access anywhere: registration via any type of screen, device or operating system