Web registration

The functions of the operator or printer have become increasingly extensive over the past years. That is why a brand new web-based registration module was developed in MultiPress. The module generates a job list based on the planning and forwards it fully automatically to the operator. This makes it much easier to switch machinery. A simple start/stop function was furthermore provided so that the post-calculation of MultiPress is automatically fed. If desired, the operator can create and print a delivery note, delivery labels or even an invoice themselves. The reserved paper is also deducted from stock so that the stock is always up-to-date. Administrative simplification down to the smallest details!


  • Administration becomes easier
  • The web-based job list is sent to the operator directly from planning
  • Post-calculation is fed by a simple start/stop function
  • Reserved raw materials are deducted according to actual use.
  • Jobs are handled much more efficiently
  • Stock is managed in real time without additional actions
  • Delivery notes and labels are created by the operator
  • Jobs are handled in production
  • Payments are collected faster 
Web registration