Transport and expedition

The MultiPress Expedition-module provides overview and optimal planning of your expedition

A print order is only complete when it is delivered to the customer in a correct manner and on time. It is therefore important to be constantly informed about the status and location of each order. The MultiPress Expedition-module provides you with overview and optimal expedition-planning. So you always know exactly what will be delivered, when and where.

MultiPress presents all the necessary information in a clear manner and makes further details easily accessible. The expedition-planner offers flexibility and control over the logistical processing of all orders. Moreover, this module links  seamlessly with shipping platforms such as Transsmart, Unifaun and Sendcloud

Features of Transport and expedition in MultiPress

Expedition planning

This quickly evolving MultiPress module provides a clear overview of all dispatch lines. Not just end deliveries to clients, but deliveries to suppliers and the connected pickups as well.

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With the MultiPress Expedition module, you can create an overview and optimal forwarding planning. So you always know exactly what will be delivered, when and where.

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