Reducing error rates and avoiding double work generate significant ROI when administration and prepress are interlinked

MultiPress can feed any workflow (JDF) and also receive valuable feedback from the majority of workflow systems (JMF), so time and material no longer need to be registered via barcodes. The result: streamlined processes, fewer errors. Both production planning and dispatch planning become a lot more efficient, allowing you to cut down on transport and logistics costs considerably.

Features of Workflow in MultiPress

Callas pdfToolbox (Check & Repair)

The MultiPress Check & Repair module automatically checks and repairs the supplied PDF files. MultiPress sends a report with the errors and warnings present in the PDF file. If the errors are irreparable, the report is immediately mailed to the customer. The errors are clearly described with indication of their location in the document. As a result, neither your planning nor the order of your customer is jeopardised.

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JDF & JMF workflow

Reducing the burden of errors and avoiding duplication of work provides a great return when administration and prepress are connected. JDF is still a major challenge for many companies in terms of structure and unambiguous procedures.

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Cutting calculation module: accurate prices for sub-products

We have all the information in our printing sheet. This means we can let the roll processing unit do the calculations and automatically take over the information. For a sub-product on a sheet, this calculation is simpler. Here, we take many stopping times into account. Because every time a poster is cut, for example, the machine will have to stop for a while, which further increases the cost.

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Check & repair with variable input

Check & Repair routines with variable input let you enforce model formats as defined in MultiPress. Callas Toolbox automatically generates PDF proofs, reading out order data from MultiPress and incorporating them in the PDFs.

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Exact post-calculation can only be done by automatically processing each file. Costs are monitored down to the last cent!

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