Callas pdfToolbox (Check & Repair)

The MultiPress Check & Repair module automatically checks and repairs the supplied PDF files. MultiPress sends a report with the errors and warnings present in the PDF file. If the errors are irreparable, the report is immediately mailed to the customer. The errors are clearly described with indication of their location in the document. As a result, neither your planning nor the order of your customer is jeopardised. If the document did not contain any errors or if the errors can be repaired automatically, the document is sent directly to the workflow. All supplied PDF files are displayed in the MultiPress Check & Repair module. MultiPress shows the format and colours of the supplied PDF files. Corrected PDF files can be added or inserted afterwards.



  • Check of PDFs from your folder structure 
  • Error reporting to your customers
  • Repair of the documents according to existing profiles (Callas PDF toolbox) 
  • Preparation of corrected PDF for pre-press workflow 


  • More time, less errors
  • All MultiPress users receive a PDF Toolbox license 
  • You can get started quickly thanks to the user-friendly wizard with the most popular profiles (e.g. splitting pages and converting them to CMYK) 
  • You can display the correction with a clear before and after of the PDF file