Check & repair with variable input

Check & repair with variable input

Check & Repair routines with variable input let you enforce model formats as defined in MultiPress. Callas Toolbox automatically generates PDF proofs, reading out order data from MultiPress and incorporating them in the PDFs.

Check and repair PDF files automatically, then provide customers with detailed and customised reports. You can combine profiles with your own requirements for print-ready PDFs. Services previously hidden become visible and can be invoiced. Link profiles to your online shop and, in a fully automated environment, access Check & Repair via the API. In short: an indispensable tool for any workflow environment.


  • Automatically prepare PDF files for printing.
  • Time savings and peace of mind.
  • Reports highlighting important services, allowing you to invoice them.

Errors in supplied PDF files are no longer a problem – they become a business opportunity. The Check & Repair routines let you detect, repair and report issues before files go into production. You can make this an additional (payable) service, while also avoiding problems downstream – saving twice. 

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