Cutting calculation module: accurate prices for sub-products

Cutting calculation module: accurate prices for sub-products

Exact scheduling in finishing

We have all the information in our printing sheet. This means we can let the roll processing unit do the calculations and automatically take over the information. For a sub-product on a sheet, this calculation is simpler. Here, we take many stopping times into account. Because every time a poster is cut, for example, the machine will have to stop for a while, which further increases the cost.

In the case of further finishing actions in roll processing, the brand-new module in MultiPress does not take into account the mother roll, but rather the sub-product. Everything continues to run fully automatically. For this type of product, in other words, you can calculate the exact price as well as determining the exact production time. A huge gain in time and efficiency!


  • Exact price calculation for sub-products
  • Cutting & stopping times are under control 
  • Minimal downtime for machines 
  • Exact production time, ideal for production planning

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