MultiPress to MultiPress

MultiPress to MultiPress

Together strong: join forces with other MultiPress printing companies! 

Offering all types of printing? 

This is nearly impossible for a single printing company. That is why a growing number of printing companies are looking to each other to work together on the basis of their own speciality. 

Work together efficiently 

Birds of a feather fly together. But there is a danger here: if you work together inefficiently, you create a mountain of administration. However, collaborations, merges and takeovers are often postponed due to many organisational and practical rearrangements. 

The solution? The MultiPress 2 MultiPress module is perhaps the only application that can respond to this changed market structure in a highly efficient manner. It allows different MultiPress printing houses to exchange estimates, work sheets and orders - without losing their individuality.

More results, less effort

With MultiPress 2 MultiPress, you join forces with other printing houses. This way, you provide more power to the MultiPress tandem. The result? You achieve higher speeds, with less effort!