Exporting to accounting

Sales invoices, purchase invoices, reminders and management of recurrent performances such as subscriptions, maintenance contracts, hosting etc. are centralised in one financial module so that you always have a correct overview. With this module, the Financial Export link ensures that all sales and purchase invoices are converted to your accounting package via our Financial Convertor. 

The project manager and IT developer tandem guarantees flawless technology, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects upon implementation. The synergy with the accounting package is very complete: income and expenditure accounts, VAT codes and rates, cost centres and even customer and supplier data can be synchronised with many accounting packages. This leads to a considerable gain of time, and be honest: who wants to keep on entering the same invoices twice each month?


  • No double entries
  • Faster and more efficient invoicing. This will definitely benefit your company 
  • Support of income and expenditure accounts and analytical codes 
  • Correct processing of VAT percentages and codes 
  • Locking of invoices in QuoJob after export for greater coordination with accounting 
  • Financial Converter exporting to all accounting packages 
  • Possibility to synchronise completed payments in the accounting package with QuoJob