Project follow-up and return analysis

The real-time project status is indicated in the job list by means of coloured symbols. This way, you can immediately see the ratio between hours performed and hours planned, the gross margin and the added value.  The click-through in the Quick-check menu groups all key figures of the project.  There’s no faster and easier way. Users who do not use QuoJob every day receive automatic push alerts notifying them whether a project risks to exceed the set targets.  This is done proactively to ensure that a project manager still has the time to intervene and adjust a job if necessary. If you wish to have more detailed result data, the Return report is the document you are looking for. All important financial project figures are shown in an orderly manner, and may even be visualised from a higher project level. The reporting module shows returns across jobs, possibly on a customer or business unit level.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg. QuoJob’s basic configuration includes a large number of reports containing all possible figures across jobs, invoices, supplier orders, time registrations, etc.


  • No more doubts concerning margin and profitability
  • Push alerts for proactive notifications
  • Clear visualisation of financial key figures 
  • No efforts, big return
  • 85 reports giving insight into all QuoJob data 
  • Proactive changes where possible, intervention where needed
Project follow-up and return analysis