Drawing up media plans, managing possible providers and launching your campaigns at the right moments? That takes a great deal of time. Not to mention drawing up additional cost and production plans. You do not always have the time or manpower to do this, have you? Fortunately you can count on QuoJob’s media module. This module defines all media titles are creates price tables so as to generate an exact cost plan of the media selected. Placements are the building blocks of a media plan and are also used to send a media order to the diverse publishers. Both for your customers and for your suppliers. In case of urgent placements you can even forward your order to the right media company directly from the technical layout.

The QuoJob reporting module monitors all placements and checks which placements have been invoiced and for which placements a purchase invoice has been received.  An essential aspect is that it takes into account the large volumes and limited margins. QuoJob has recently added a new asset to its media module: the integration with Mediaspecs. Mediaspecs is a multi-criteria search engine for all possible advertising possibilities in Belgium and Luxembourg.  It includes all rates, technical data sheets, calendars and contact data.  So it has everything to make an extensive selection of media to be used as a basis to elaborate a media plan and the budgets in QuoJob.Whether it concerns a small advertisement or a large media campaign, why make things difficult if they can be easy?


  • Drawing up media, production and cost plans easily
  • Managing your media reservations and confirmations 
  • Providing for commissions and discounts both at client level and at agency level. 
  • Sending quotations and invoices to your customers automatically 
  • Maintaining an overview thanks to practical reports 
  • Indicating material status
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