Capacity planning

You can plan in several ways. On the one hand, you can use a planner in which you fill in services on the basis of regular execution times, the same way dentists do. On the other hand you can opt for a systematic approach for services with a fixed deadline if you do not know much time you need to deliver the services. Every agency’s main ambition is to gain insight into the remaining capacity (both visually and in number of hours). This article focuses on capacity planning.

Capacity planning makes it possible to immediately add several tasks to the time schedule when a job is created. The module takes into account tasks already assigned as well as appointments and holidays. As a result, the workload of employees can be balanced perfectly.  Starting from a quotation, any services and tasks offered are directly included in the planning. As a result, a real-time check is performed to determine whether there is sufficient capacity and whether extra capacity has to be sought (freelancers, outsourcing, etc.). A unique aspect is that the interdependence between the different project steps is also taken into account. When an approval is rescheduled, the underlying steps are also rescheduled. 


  • Assigning tasks to the right employee with one click, taking into account the capacity utilisation on the shop floor 
  • Transparency with your customer is possible 
  • Delivering your time schedule to the customer via PDF (proactively and on command) 
  • Avoiding unexpected circumstances thanks to capacity planning instead of using a planner 
  • Overview of the shop floor
QuoJob Capacity planning