Rights administration

QuoJob provides the possibility to assign a personalised rights document to each user. With this option you cannot only allow or deny access to certain functions (e.g. admin, HR) but you can also hide certain menus from the user. This allows for peace in the organisation. This can be done on an individual level, but sometimes it is desired to assign the same rights to a position or a group of people. QuoJob provides the possibility to work with role or rights templates and thus to assign or adjust rights quickly and consistently. Access to each report can be managed in the same way. The management can thus easily and quickly determine who can see which figures. This may for instance enable an agency to have project managers draw up an invoice proposal without allowing them to draw up a real proposal. Flexibility and performance can really go hand in hand.


  • No superfluous menus visible 
  • Each employee ends up in their own appropriate working environment 
  • Assignment of roles and rights 
  • Quickly and easily adjustable 
  • Rights can also be assigned on report level
Quojob Rights administration