Working with MultiPress if you’re not – or can’t be – at the office.

Dataline’s advice is to use Remote Desktop. Why?

Remote Desktop is ideal for working when you're not – or can’t be – at the office. The best thing about Remote Desktop is that you still have access to all your files and accounts because it lets you control your work computer. Remote Desktop allows employees to be more flexible while keeping their workflow virtually unchanged.

Some important points to note before you begin:

  • You need to have Administrator rights in order to configure Remote Desktop. Contact your system administrator or IT partner.
  • You need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure a secure connection between your home and work computers. 

In short, VPNs create a secure tunnel between computers. This makes it appear as if you’re on the work network, even from your home environment. 

Dataline advises against using only a VPN connection. Why?

  • VPN connections can use a lot of bandwidth, often too much, because the files you open are temporarily transferred to your computer. This enables you to access and edit them.
  • Unless split tunnelling is used, all the traffic is routed via an encrypted connection, which can sometimes be very intensive. 
  • A problem can arise with access to the MultiPress database via VPN, because the database may become corrupted. You’re completely dependent on your home Internet connection, and that of your office. The slightest interruption will break the connection between the MultiPress server and MultiPress client, which can have negative consequences.

Don’t have any of the above options?

You can still apply the principles outlined above. Use third-party software such as TeamViewer to control your MultiPress at the office.

Got any further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our service department. 

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