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Dataline has fixed prices that are calculated for each graphic company based on the required functionality and the exact number of users. No superfluous features, no surplus licenses.

Customised modulation

The modular structure of MultiPress ensures optimum productivity, tight internal organisation and efficient use of the software used. For your company too. We only use the modules that you really need!

Do you prefer quotation management and then see what else? Or do you also need invoicing and financial follow-up as extra functions? Do you prefer our e-business module and do dashboards/management also appeal to you? Or do you go for a complete administrative make-over and choose MultiPress 'full-option'?

First of all, we help you determine your future investment and examine the needs and ambitions of your company. In order to choose which processes are the most urgent, we would like to get to know your company better. That is why we first set up an intake. After the first intake interview we are able to provide you with an investment fork based on your ambitions, wishes and requirements.

How does an intake work?

In 3 simple steps, you will gain a clear understanding of the costs and the profits; in short, where exactly MultiPress makes the difference:

  1. What exactly do you need? → In conversation with an experienced Print Business Specialist, a needs analysis is made. Together we determine what needs to be demonstrated, what the roadmap will be for the case studies that we will develop according to the needs and priorities for your business.

  2. How does it work? → MultiPress is demonstrated using case studies. Not with fancy examples, but with your daily quotations, orders, planning, etc. In short, problems.  Because your company situation is unique, we will demonstrate the module you need in a sequence that we will determine together. In this way, we can demonstrate exactly what your future will look like.

  3. How much does it cost? → Each conversation with our specialists results in an estimate based on your business type, scale and challenges, including a complete implementation plan and calculation of your return on investment. 

Commitment to results?

With more than 1,000 successful installations, Dataline has developed a clear strategy over the past 22 years of experience: we modulate to fit your company and demonstrate all your wishes and requirements using one or more representative cases from your company. Only when we are convinced together that we can turn your ambitions into reality, we move to the next phase. Each MultiPress Project Manager can guide 5 to 8 projects per year so that there is no reason or need for hardselling or projects where the need for change is insufficient. Only Dataline dares to make a commitment to results thanks to the MAS Blueprint. Ask for it!

More about the MAS Audit

Does MIS/ERP software make sense for my company? We find out for you!

No manager takes a decision without a thorough investigation of 'return on investment'. Therefore, Dataline developed the ROI Calculator which allows you to calculate the need for print specific MIS/ERP software. The ROI-Calculator is based on international benchmarks of the graphic industry. This proven calculation application shows very clearly whether you can expect savings and/or additional returns after installing MultiPress.

Perhaps the question "Why MultiPress?" is no longer relevant, but rather "When? And above all, how much longer can I delay...?

Calculate your ROI

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