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How to efficiently prepare a company for the post-Corona era

At Printing Company Koevoets, they like to drink coffee with the customers. This is because they prefer to do business on the basis of mutual trust and personal contact. What's more, through a personal conversation they find out what customers think is important and how they can respond to this. Briefly: a truly personal approach. And that results in superior quality, partly thanks to the eye for detail of this printing company. They look very carefully at colours, cutting edges, staples or die cuts, so that the customer gets exactly the expected result.

The 'NEN-EN-ISO 22000-2018'-certified graphics company fortunately also pays the same attention to the underlying administration and workflow. Because otherwise this personal approach is a lot more difficult to achieve. Therefore, in addition to an adapted and ultramodern machine park, it is recommended to have an optimal administration and workflow.  That's why the ambitious company opted for MultiPress as early as 2010, because it was the only company able to meet the extensive requirements package 100%. But then the corona crisis popped up ...

The four pillars of Koevoets

Koevoets' expertise can be divided into four categories: advice, creation, realisation and stock management.

  • Advice: The company can think along with the customer on many fronts. Matters such as choice of material, colour, finishing and technique of printing play a major role in this. As precise as they are in the quality of the printed matter, as precise as they are in the finishing. Whether it concerns gluing, stapling, folding, creasing, punching, embossing or stitched printed matter, Koevoets likes to provide the perfect 'finishing touch'.
  • Creation: If desired, DTP can take care of the complete design. But also supplied files are checked if they meet all requirements for high quality printed matter.
  • Realisation: Koevoet offers both traditional offset printing and digital printing. The choice depends on price, wishes, print run, technical preconditions and ultimate goal.
  • Inventory management: An additional specialisation and advantage for customers is logistics services, namely storage, fulfilment and distribution. Via an online tool, Koevoet collects essential data and converts it into a smart stock and purchasing system.

Optimising in challenging times

It goes without saying that such a comprehensive service, combined with irrefutable quality, is better built on the right administration. Printing Company Koevoets is in fact the result of a merger of two printing companies. One had Graficalc as the administrative tool and the other printing company, Precal. When the relaunch was a fact, they quickly realized that the back office could be much more efficient. And it was also strictly necessary that the new tool should be able to grow along with the ambition and future plans of the graphics company. This is how MultiPress came into the picture. Because that business software is the only one that can support the high standard of their personal approach. Also able to grow along with it, if necessary. So the modular character of MultiPress came in handy. Printing Company Koevoets is now investing in far-reaching automation of the workflow by expanding their MultiPress software. At Dataline they tackled this challenge remotely.

No installation and training on site? No problem!

Printing Company Koevoets recently invested in a Canon digital printing press. A new Canon imagePRESS C8000VP was installed in the production area. In this way, together with a Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-5/3xl offset press, a variety of 'NEN-EN-ISO 22000-2018' certified, printed and printed matter can be produced.

In order to allow both machines to function optimally, the company has therefore decided to fully automate the control of these machines. Via MultiPress, of course. In addition to the existing functionality, the Impose module now automatically takes care of all orders. And now the workflow on both machines is also directly controlled. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of errors. By linking 'order administration' and 'prepress' in MultiPress, a print shop can process orders quickly and error-free. Were there any problems due to 'social distancing' and the measures announced as a result of the Corona virus? Of course not, both the activation of the desired modules and the associated training were completed remotely, in a 100% secure environment.

Efficient preparation for the post-corona era through workflow automation, that's how we call it!

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