Online shopping made easy for your B2B and B2C customers

The webshop is seamlessly integrated with your MultiPress system. Based on product information in your database, you create one or more specific B2B and B2C webshops for different categories and product categories.

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In the MultiPress database, you can create one or more webshops with an unlimited number of sections, divided into several product lines. The webshop is fully integrated in MultiPress so its management does not require any web design knowledge. 

You then offer ready-made print products via the MultiPress Webshop. Your B2B and B2C customers can shop online and, after ordering, the orders are immediately included in your MultiPress production workflow.

Because the look and feel of your webshops are easily customisable, you can more easily meet the specific expectations of your customers. 

For example, the products, print runs and order frequency in the business market will be different from those in the consumer market, but the efficient handling of these orders requires the integrated workflow automation that only MultiPress can offer you.

  • Easy set up : no necessity for web design knowledge 
  • Extra reach: target different customer categories using specific webshops 
  • Extra service: customers can place orders easily online 
  • Less handling: the customer places, confirms and pays via the web shop, quotations are generated online and the orders automatically enter the production workflow